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I believe women should have confidence in their relationship with
food, movement, and most importantly with themselves.

Work with me to learn how to live a sustainable balanced life
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I work with clients virtually, helping people who are frustrated with dieting and want to change their relationship with food. You can give up dieting for good, eat the foods you love, and achieve authentic health for good. You can learn more and apply now.

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My name is Carla. I’m a Certified Elite Nutritionist & Personal Trainer with a passion for intuitive eating, overcoming food rules, body confidence, and helping YOU become your most empowered self.

My story, like yours, is about a journey through and past my darkest moments and most limiting self-beliefs. I took the leap to pursue what I love — helping my clients dream big about how they want to feel and perform, and achieve things they never dared to imagine were possible — and I’ve never looked back. I know that the freedom, self-acceptance, athletic purpose, and fulfillment I’ve found on the other side is available to everyone, if only they’re willing to trust in their strength and invest in themselves. 

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How To Eat Mindfully On Thanksgiving
How To Eat Mindfully On Thanksgiving

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My Top Easiest Meal Prep Tips

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How to Identify & Break Food Rules
How to Identify & Break Food Rules

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