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I believe women should have confidence in their relationship with
food, movement, and most importantly with themselves.

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I work with clients virtually, helping people who are frustrated with dieting and want to change their relationship with food. You can give up dieting for good, eat the foods you love, and achieve authentic health for good. You can learn more and apply now.

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All-Inclusive Packages

My All-Inclusive programs are all three components of my offerings wrapped up into one!

  • Coach-Client App for Support & Accountability
  • Customized Training Plan with Videos
  • Complete Balanced Nutrition Mentorship
  • Sample foods list, recipes and meal prep
  • Routine/Time Block Mentorship
  • Body Image, Self-Compassion & Self-Care Mentorship
  • Online VIP Community of Support
  • 5% Continuation Discount
  • Supplement King (St. John’s, NL) 15% Discount

4 Week


$80 Savings






6 Week

($120 total savings)

10 Week


($200 savings)


I am so glad you’re here!

My name is Carla. I’m a Certified Elite Nutritionist & Personal Trainer with a passion for intuitive eating, overcoming food rules, body confidence, and helping YOU become your most empowered self. My story, like yours, is about a journey through and past my darkest moments and most limiting self-beliefs.

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“I can’t believe how much my mindset has changed when it comes to food!”

I finally feel like I have a healthy relationship with what I eat, and what I look for in a meal now. I can feel a huge difference in my strength and endurance, and the workouts are awesome, and challenging which is what I needed! I brag you up to everyone, lately everyone I see can’t believe the weight I have gone and I tell them it’s all thanks to you! And I’m proud to say that I am now in size 6 and had to drop down my Jean size to a 5 from a 9/10!

– Nicole L.

“Thank you so much for all you do for me – you are a Rock and a Force!!!”

I could not have taken control of my life without YOU!!! I feel so much better and happier about myself! Enjoying good foods and of course my fave wines! I have learned soo much and I so appreciate you & everything you have done for me. You’re the Best!

– Mary Thompkins

“What a difference I have felt in these past couple of months!”

I am so much more productive with higher energy levels and am able to be a lot more mindful of certain habits I wasn’t even aware I had. Through my training mentorship, I have also realized how strong I am physically – definitely way stronger than I ever thought I was!

– Krista T.


What’s the Best Diet? Why a Lifestyle Program Is Better!
What’s the Best Diet? Why a Lifestyle Program Is Better!

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Should You Count Calories?
Should You Count Calories?

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How To Handle Sugar Cravings
How To Handle Sugar Cravings

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