Nutrition Mentorship Only Program

6 Week Nutrition Mentorship Only Program


A coaching program that will support your journey in creating a life free from food stress! Breaking free from food rules and feeling like you deserve satisfying meals isn’t something that came easy to me and I had to use ALL the tools I am giving you throughout this program to NEVER turn back.

This is a comprehensive lifestyle plan with daily mentorship that is sure to help you gain/regain a positive relationship with food! Through scientific research, much education, and personal experience, this mentorship program will provide you with the right tools to recovery and finding your TRUE happy & healthy!!

Your relationship with yourself and food is important, it’s time to uncomplicate it with my help.

What’s included:

Coach-Client App [live feedback] for Support & Accountability

Complete Balanced Nutrition Mentorship [step by step process]

Sample foods list, recipes and meal prep

My Top Wellness Tips as a Nutritionist

Body Image, Self-Compassion & Self-Care Mentorship

Learning about your Metabolism and HOW to EAT without stress, guilt, counting or overthinking

Unlimited access to Online VIP Community

Supplement King (St. John’s, NL) 15% discount

5% Continuation Discount

Supplement King (St. John’s, NL) 15% Discount

First Step: Complete your application/triage form to get the process started and claim your spot.

​This helps me understand some very important information about your current lifestyle and helps with the initial creation of your plan. Please be as honest and detailed as possible. All information is confidential, as per the contract signed upon enrolment.