Nutrition Mentorship Only Program

6 Week Nutrition Mentorship Only Program


A coaching program that will support your journey in creating a life free from food stress! Breaking free from food rules and feeling like you deserve satisfying meals isn’t something that came easy to me and I had to use ALL the tools I am giving you throughout this program to NEVER turn back.

This is a comprehensive lifestyle plan with daily mentorship that is sure to help you gain/regain a positive relationship with food! Through scientific research, much education, and personal experience, this mentorship program will provide you with the right tools to recovery and finding your TRUE happy & healthy!!

Your relationship with yourself and food is important, it’s time to uncomplicate it with my help.

What’s included:

Coach-Client App [live feedback] for Support & Accountability

Complete Balanced Nutrition Mentorship [step by step process]

Sample foods list, recipes and meal prep

My Top Wellness Tips as a Nutritionist

Body Image, Self-Compassion & Self-Care Mentorship

Learning about your Metabolism and HOW to EAT without stress, guilt, counting or overthinking

Unlimited access to Online VIP Community

Supplement King (St. John’s, NL) 15% discount

5% Continuation Discount

Supplement King (St. John’s, NL) 15% Discount

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