1:1 Training Only – 4 Week Program


Feel like you have your nutrition on track but need a boost in movement? Individualized to you, your goals and needs, this 4 week program is sure to help you hit the gym (or home-gym) with confidence. Building strength, endurance, and mobility, without all the guesswork is something to seriously look forward to! You got this!

What’s included:

Coach-Client App [live feedback]

Coaching Support & Accountability

Customized Training Plan (at-home or gym)

Supplement King (St. John’s, NL) 15% discount

Workout Video Library

Goal Setting

Unlimited access to Online VIP Community

15% off Striving Transformation Merch

First Step: Complete your application/triage form to get the process started and claim your spot.

​This helps me understand some very important information about your current lifestyle and helps with the initial creation of your plan. Please be as honest and detailed as possible. All information is confidential, as per the contract signed upon enrolment.