12 Week All-Inclusive Program

$560.00 ($40 savings)

If you are struggling with your health and wellness and are ready to dive deep into a program that will help create sustainability and healthy habits, this is for you! In 12 weeks, you will have the confidence and tools to continue living a healthy & happy lifestyle you deserve!

What’s included:

Coach-Client App [live feedback]

Coaching Support & Accountability

Customized Training Plan (at-home or gym)

Workout Video Library

Customized Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Mentorship/Personal Guidance

Grocery List & Top Shopping Tips

Meal Samples & Recipes

Supplement King (St. John’s, NL) 15% discount

5% Continuation discount

Meal Planning

Routine-based Lifestyle

Mindset & Self-Growth Mentorship

Mental Health & Self-Care Activities

Exclusive Food Freedom Guide

Top Nutritionist and Coach Tips

Goal Setting

Unlimited access to Online VIP Community

15% off Striving Transformation Merch

Individual 1:1 Programs: