About Me, My Philosophy & What To Expect

Why I Do This Work

Carla Letiec

Certified Elite Non-diet Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

I’ll never forget what it felt like to be unhappy in my own skin.

It affected my mood, my relationships, my job, my mental health… My mood for the day was dictated by the outcome of the fight I’d have with myself every morning over foolishness. I was stressed before I even left the house for work because I was lost in the overwhelming idea of how I was going to take the plunge to be a healthier and happier version of myself.

Even after I actually took the plunge, I still had stress and anxiety over the thought of feeling deprived and living with strict guidelines to make sure I stayed on track. It really was an awful feeling, until I actually learned how to relax and enjoy the process. This made ALL the difference.

After I got over the strict ‘all or nothing’ concept (*PIVOTAL MOMENT!), I was able to feel more myself and STILL be happier and healthier. What started as a healthy interest (getting back in shape post-pregnancy), became way more than I could have ever expected. For the first time ever in my life, I was learning how to be my authentic self, how to work on my potentials and create healthy habits that boosted my self-esteem and overall mental and emotional health.

I FINALLY felt FREE and began working on myself from the INSIDE, OUT! And once this became a priority to me, everything else fell into place so much easier.

There are challenges, struggles, losses, stresses, etc., along the way. But we need to realize that this is how we learn. And in that time, we need good support – especially from those that can really relate with past experience, backed up research/science,  and the tools and education that can help! And that is why I am here and do what I do. That is why I made it my life’s work to help clients feel AMAZING in their own skin and realize their potential!!

So… I am just like you. I have tried too many diets (from counting macros, weighing foods, etc.), restricted my intake, and battled my metabolism. I used to place my worth in my body size and cared too much about what other people thought of me.

After overcoming restriction, dieting, and improving my body image while finally understanding the foods that work for me, I’ve helped hundreds of 1:1 clients do the same. I am here to help you understand nutrition, how all foods can fit, and lead you to your healthiest, most abundant life while growing confident in your body and life.

I help clients who are unaware of or confused with their nutritional choices, metabolism, meal planning, self-worth and self-beliefs.

I’m honored you’re here and want to finally change your ways for GOOD.

My Philosophy

My practice is about you. It’s about understanding your unique journey, supporting you on your path forward, and helping you achieve your personal health goals. I believe self-care, food and movement are fuel, medicine, community, energy, creativity, and joy. But I also believe we all deserve to live in a way that frees us of reliance on either one.

What To Expect

I work with people of every ability on developing a relationship with food and movement that is intuitive, intentional, and effective.

Through my programs, you will learn that there is no *one way* for all of us to eat or move or bodies. Food is fuel, and movement brings energy, yes, but it’s also comfort, joy, tradition, culture, friendship, family, and so much more. That’s what makes this work so important: I partner with and empower my clients to uncover what makes them feel their best, and to leave the comparison behind.

Diet culture has taught us to spend all our time and energy on the pursuit of someone else’s body through restrictive eating and exercising behaviors. But our relationship with food and movement doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful, or shame-induced. In fact, it should be the opposite.

I’ll teach you how to work with your body instead of continuing to fight against it; to honor and understand your hunger; to create life-long health-promoting habits that are sustainable and enjoyable; to get at the root of what is preventing you from living that life you know you deserve (really – you DO!).

What to expect

  • A one-on-one experience that is centered around you, your experiences, and your goals

  • Authenticity, transparency, and pervasive (not toxic) optimism

  • Wellness that fits into your life, rather than adds more to your plate (unless it’s delicious food!)

  • A safe space to explore your relationship with food and movement

I believe in the power of mindset to heal, energize, and empower. I believe that every one of us deserves to optimize our health, maximize our potential, feel our best, and get there with support, compassion, and a little bit (or a lot) of humor. Are you ready? Let’s do it.