Balanced Lifestyle – Bootcamp

Stop dieting, build or rebuild trust with your body and enjoy all foods without guilt, and movement that leaves you feeling empowered.

Does this sound like you?

You have an “all-or-nothing” mindset
You don’t fully trust your body because you have followed too many diets/food rules for so long
You wish you could stop counting calories/weighing foods, eliminating food groups
You want to stop counting calories, weighing foods, and eliminating food groups
You want to enjoy exercise instead of feeling like you ‘have to’
You want to change your mindset around health & happiness for good!
You are ready to start living a confident and happy lifestyle you know you deserve!

Imagine if you could finally stop feeling at constant war with food and your body

What you have been doing hasn’t been “working”…

It’s probably left you feeling frustrated and stuck in a never-ending cycle of feeling out of control with food, uncertainty with exercise and an all-or-nothing mindset.

Now imagine how your life would change if you could finally break free from that.

Move & Nourish to Thrive isn’t another diet plan or a set of rules to follow. You are shown how to cultivate a healthy, sustainable relationship with food, movement and your inner self, and left with the feeling of wanting more.

What’s Included:

Gain the Right Knowledge

You will be guided through videos, educational modules, self-reflective tools and strategies to help you finally make peace with food, body and exercise.

Group Support

You will join a community of women alike for ongoing support and accountability.


Releasing stress and negative energy through mindful practices – guided and intuitively

Healthy Challenges

You will be challenged in different areas to help keep you motivated and accountable as you work towards creating a healthier relationship with food, movement, and your inner self.

Nutrition Education

You’re educated on how to nourish your body without food rules using an Intuitive Eating framework so you no longer feel stressed every time you eat!

Exploring Movement

You’ll be exploring exercise that you look forward to and leave you feeling good, strong and empowered. An optional workout schedule and videos will be available.

It’s time for you to end the confusion with living a healthy lifestyle and begin your journey to freedom!!

Ready to ditch dieting, eat foods you love, lose weight, and feel strong?!

While actually ENJOYING your lifestyle in the process?

We start on May 22nd, 2023 and YOU are invited!

 Spots are LIMITED – first come, first serve

Still have questions??

Maybe it’s one of these…!⬇️

What is the support like in the Balanced Lifestyle Bootcamp?
Communication and support are what make this program what it is! Not only will you have check-ins with me, but you’ll also get space to ask questions and get support during your journey.  You’ll also have access to a community where you can ask questions, get support, receive coaching, and chat about ANYTHING you want. We are all here for each other!
When does it start??
The Balanced Lifestyle Bootcamp is going to start on May 22nd, 2023 – just in time to prep for the summer season! If you’re already on the waitlist, you will be in! If you’re not on the waitlist, hurry 😉

What platform will be used?
This bootcamp will be administered through my coaching app and through a Facebook group. All of the learning phases (videos, modules, etc.) will be easily accessible via the app. Any and all logs will also be done via the app for accountability and progress tracking. The Facebook group will be used as a safe place and solid community for all involved. No obligations to partake, but highly encouraged for additional support and inspiration. Remember, we are all in this together! 🙂

Does this program include 1-on-1 support?
You can ask questions and get some 1:1 support for your habits/adjustments via the app, and through communication in the group on the daily. One-on-one check-ins, access to a coach 1:1, and weekly personal check ins are reserved for 1:1 clients. 😊
What happens after pay?
Once you officially submit payment and complete the submission form to enrol in the Balanced Lifestyle Bootcamp, you will be sent an email with ALL the details so you can start getting ready for the program right away! You’ll receive more access and information a couple days prior to our start date!
I have more questions!
Are you a YES to everything but still have questions before you’re ALL IN?! You can reach me any of the following ways: