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Who I work with

If you’re wondering if I’m a good fit for you, know that I work with people to help create peace with food and their body. What that means is that my clients are tired of struggling with food, as they often have done every diet in the world. Perhaps they have struggled with disordered eating, or are currently struggling. They know diets and rigid ways of eating don’t “work” and they see the harm that this way of eating has done on their mind and body. So they seek a way of eating that is sustainable and less confusing and carries less judgment. That they no longer want to feel out of control with their eating. And they want to start caring for their body.

My approach

I work from a past that includes emotion-focussed, weight-inclusive, anti-diet or non-diet approach through Intuitive Eating. That means that I work with my clients to find a way of eating that supports their life and body. I use foundational nutrition concepts to build confidence in my clients that they know how to eat and care for themselves.


I see clients virtually via Zoom, over the phone, or in-person in my hometown.

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