DNA-Based Health Plans

Your DNA is what directs every cell in your body. Everyone has a unique genetic makeup with certain genes that code for things like eye color and groups of genes that interact in complex ways to determine other attributes. A genetic screening is simply a test that maps out your DNA, often for a specific purpose.

Lifestyle tests are now common and affordable and can provide information about nutrient absorption, ability to lose weight, response to weightlifting, and other aspects of health and lifestyle. As a Certified DNA-based coach, I can use this information to help clients set reasonable goals and achieve them more easily.

Can Anyone Take a DNA Test?

Anyone can take a DNA Test, and receive a report of the findings with the support of a certified DNA-based test coach to review in det. You can complete it at home, on your schedule.

How does the kit work exactly?

All it takes is a cheek swab! Then you send your kit off and results will be available within two weeks. Patients receive personalized logins and access to educational videos, tailored meal plans, and exercise regimens.

What will the test tell me about weight loss?

It will tell you if you can reasonably reach your goals through standard health strategies, or if there will be barriers. Unfavorable results do not mean weight loss is impossible, for example, but does help me develop different strategies to overcome those challenges.

Will the test tell me exactly what to eat?

No, but it will help me determine better strategies for your goal(s). For instance, you may find out that your body utilizes protein well and that including a higher percentage in your diet will promote weight loss.

How will a DNA test change my fitness plans?

The results can tell you how effectively you can reach your goals through training and how your overall body composition responds to workouts. This information helps me plan a more effective training schedule and types of workouts for weight loss, fat burning, or muscle building.

Will the results of the DNA test solve all my fitness and weight problems?

Genes and the way they interact and are expressed is extremely complicated. There are very few traits, like dimples, that come from just one gene. This means that while the information from a test will be useful, it cannot provide easy, simple, or guaranteed solutions. Consider them to be guidelines that will make weight loss and good health easier to achieve.

What are the main benefits of taking the DNA test?
  • It is easy, fast, and inexpensive.

  • You get information about how you absorb and use nutrients, build muscle mass, lose fat, and respond to different types of workouts.

  • The information helps manage fitness and athletic expectations.

  • The information will help inform the ultimate customized health plan.

The results are reported to you with my assistance, as a Certified DNA-Based Test Coach to ensure you fully understand the results. I will also work on your custom plan based on the results of the report for the ultimate plan.

What are the main risks to taking the DNA test?
  • There is always a chance of some inaccuracies or inconclusive results.

  • There is always a potential for a mix up in the lab, although this is rare.

  • Interpreting the results is not always necessarily straightforward.

  • Unfavorable results may trigger anger, frustration, or depression.

Are there laws protecting my genetic privacy?

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act protects people who have had DNA tests from discrimination in health insurance and employment.

How will my trainer protect my privacy?

As a certified DNA-based coach, I have completed a confidentiality agreement and can explain the privacy policies of the company running the test, as well as my own policies, for instance not allowing access to the information to anyone but you, the client.