Mary Thompkins

This women is a VERY busy Mama, Nana, wife, AND business owner. She is on her feet all day working, and it doesn’t stop there. She continues to spend her busy day playing and running around with her grandkids and taking care of her family after hours!

‘No excuses’ is how I want to caption this post!!

She has learned and applied the sustainable habits I have shared with my program that suits HER lifestyle. She is Happy and Healthy and has confidence she will continue to enjoy her newfound lifestyle.

So proud of you, Mary! 👊❤

“Thank you so much for all you do for me you are a Rock and a Force!!! I could not have taken control of my life without YOU!!! I feel so much better and happier about myself! Enjoying good foods and of course my fave wines! I have learned soo much and I so appreciate you & everything you have done for me!! You’re the Best!!”

Nicole Lecoure

Another busy Mama with No Excuses. Working full time and juggling mom life while learning ways to keep her health & wellness a priority!

Eating her faves – NO deprivation! Working around her lifestyle to ensure her daily routine worked! She now has all the right tools in her toolbox to continue living a sustainable, happy & healthy life!!!

“I can’t believe how much my mindset has changed when it comes to food! I finally feel like I have a healthy relationship with what I eat, and what I look for in a meal now. I can feel a huge difference in my strength and endurance, and the workouts are awesome, and challenging which is what I needed! I brag you up to everyone, lately everyone I see can’t believe the weight I have gone and I tell them it’s all thanks to you! And I’m proud to say that I am now in size 6 and had to drop down my Jean size to a 5 from a 9/10!” – Nicole L.

Krista Tallack

Her progress is fantastic!! With these amazing results in just 8 weeks!!!

She showed up, put in the work and always kept her goals in mind. She ALSO enjoyed the foods she loved (so important), became stronger than she could ever imagine in her workouts, and even found time to dedicate to her mental health DESPITE being a very busy lady!

I am super proud of this women. Her courage, determination, and consistency is both thriving and inspiring!

Way to go, Krista!!!! Keep it up, girl!!!❤️💪

“I am so much more productive with higher energy levels and am able to be a lot more mindful of certain habits I wasn’t even aware I had. Through my training mentorship, I have also realized how strong I am physically – definitely way stronger than I ever thought I was! What a difference I have felt in these past couple of months!!” – Krista T.

Jill Smith

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– Jill Smith